About Me

Paronomasia-passionate, alliteration-addicted,
onomatopoeia-obsessed whirlwind,
notorious midnight oil-burner, deep-soul-diver, twinkle toe,
little fighter spirit & mischievous pixie
with a radiant smile
and enough energy to fuel a medium-sized funfair.

Other than that – Actress.


Aside from the Special Skills listed on my CV…

– jumping out of bed at 6 in the morning with a song on my lips
– smiling at strangers on the tube & talking to people in elevators
– imitating cats (specialised in crazy-kitten-impressions)
– finding women’s restrooms in record time
– committing the most charming & elegant fouls in ballgame history
– and drinking 3 mugs of Coffee in a row without getting the jitters…